The Alliance

In 2010, my friend, Juan Manuel Carrion, and I first envisioned a project that would reforest degraded cattle pastureland adjacent to Juan Manuel’s Tambo Quinde nature reserve. Juan Manuel is an ornithologist, director of the zoo in Quito, Ecuador, and a passionate steward and protector of the land here in the Tandayapa Valley. The equator runs right through our land, a little more than a mile above sea level, and there is a fantastic level of biodiversity here. We started planting trees and our activity immediately generated lots of interest in our plans. As our project has progressed, we’ve made more local friends who want to participate, and we’ve generated interest from outside the region among friends who are planning to buy land with similar goals. And so we are forging an alliance of like-minded friends who see the potential for restoring ecosystems in our beautiful region and building a sustainable economy at the same time. This new alliance brings together older and newer friends, independent farms and nature reserves working together to communicate what we all have going on. All Cloudforest Coffee Farms members are motivated by conservation ideals and love for the beautiful, biodiverse corner of the world where we work, Northwest Pichincha province in Ecuador. This is where the Tropical Andes and Magdalena-Chocó bioregions merge, one of the world´s most diverse spots on the Western slope of the Andes, stunning to see and experience. Our alliance members offer world-class coffees, eco-tourism facilities and warm, friendly people ready to welcome visitors. We are constantly working to restore and conserve land, making once non-productive, degraded, slash-and-burn cattle pastures into shade coffee parcels … and in the case of our newest member, organic cacao. The cacao farm has its own micro-chocolate factory where you can learn, taste and experience the best of National and Criollo variety cacao in its finest expression. We welcome students, interns and other visitors who want to try their hand at life on the Equator! Sign up for our newsletter, and as this site evolves, we will be adding more and more information and dedicated pages for each member of the alliance, and we are always ready to answer your questions and comments via the contact form at the bottom of our homepage.