Happy Sweet Round Mirth Day

So today is your Earth Day, sweet happy mirth day. Frankly there´s too much nasty news out there to even joke about, but joke I do, perhaps to keep from crying, whistling past the graveyard in a perhaps too literal way. Over the decades of working in an environmental organization and projects, I´ve never wanted to celebrate or commercially exploit the concept of Earth Day. Damn, every day must be earth day and FAST if we´re going to get out of this current sixth extinction jam alive. Come on, can we shop our way to salvation, to sustainability? I don´t think so. However, like a friend and collaborator gives as advice to any and all would be green-entrepreneurs – I´m paraphrasing here – Well, sure, okay, it´s true we cannot shop our way to sustainability, but if we don´t offer sustainable products, someone else will be more than happy to step up and sell non-ethically produced or sourced goods. So, in short, let´s take their market as best we can! With that string of caveats and Hamletesque parading around the parapets, let´s get back to business. We´ve been busy since last I wrote. Maybe you´ve seen some news reporting on the floods in Peru and in Colombia? Guess where Ecuador is: smack between the two, and the rain didn´t skip us here, be sure of it. It´s been muddy and the different roads close sporadically with mudslides and the like. We had a small flood after a culvert got jammed up with rocks and sticks, gunk and mud. Etcetera. The good thing is that I´m stubborn and own some pretty slick $9 rubber boots, Hechas en el Ecuador. So, now we have our new greenhouse for drying coffee ready; a new structure for the depulping, fermenting and washing equipment collectively known as “el beneficio;” substantial progress on the old house we´re rebuilding in the Alambi Reserve and a new structure that will have bathrooms, a small kitchen and coffee bar so that our visitors can taste the wares. The biodigester is still in planning but we have the space ready where it´s going to go!

Don´t believe the hype: We do get some sunny mornings.

Before I forget, the area where we´re doing all this, within the Alambi Nature Reserve, was once an Ecuadorian Army Corps of Engineers road building camp. The cement pads and much of the infrastructure was already here, slowly disintegrating from years of disuse, just waiting for Cloud Forest Coffee Farms to come along and re-purpose it! The upshot is that while we did hire a backhoe for a day of help, we´re not pouring much cement and we´re keeping our footprint small, even Tiny. The harvest season where we are, higher and cooler than most of the area coffee farms, doesn´t start until June, so we´re on schedule and almost on budget, please note the operative term “almost.” Help push this idea forward buying some of our high-grown, bright and aromatic specialty coffee. You can see that the “Store” area of our site is now updated and by clicking on the Indiegogo button you can find a new promo for Earth Day: 2 bags of our 2016 harvest for $28 including shipping within the USA. For other destinations please send a message via our “Contact” form.