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Owned by Juan Manuel Carrión and family, this 100+ acre nature reserva has about 8 acres of coffee that contribute to its sustainability. The plantations here are between 1700-1800 meters elevation (over 5600 ft) and it´s where the Cloud Coffees alliance began!
Tambo Quinde
New home to Cloud Coffees wet-mill, café and coffee tour experience. The 5 acres of coffee we´ve planted here plus tourism income help sustain this 250 acre nature reserve.
Reserva Alambi
This 1000+ acre reserve is an important piece of the Spectacled Bear corridor and has very rustic coffee on about 5 acres to help make ends meet. Great trails and an experience to visit!
El Quinde

Cloud Coffees come from an alliance of coffee growers in northern Ecuador, in the cloud forest, a high altitude rainforest. Our mission is implementing reforestation through agriculture, hand in hand with outreach to the public, other farmers and visiting tourists. Living in such a biodiverse and dynamic space, we are aware and are reminded daily of our fragile and changing climate and the simple, sometimes threatening beauty of the clouds. We love to spread the word about the origins of your morning cup and the environmental challenges facing coffee farmers. This is a place you can visit, just ask. Ecotourism promotes education and cultural exchange, all while creating jobs that are in harmony with the forest.

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Brian Krohnke

Cloud Coffees Developer

Def: Quinde

Throughout this site and if you ever visit Ecuador, you´ll see the word 'Quinde' very often. It´s simply the word for hummingbird in Quichua, the lingua franca of the Incan empire that once ruled here before the Spanish conquest. Viz. Ecuador´s capital is Quito and the people that lived here before the Incas arrived were the Quitus, anyhow, we´ll leave that for another discussion some other time. Today in a large part of the Andes millions of people speak various versions of this important language, and Ecuadorian daily parlance is full of different terms.